Notice to pregnant patients

Thank you for coming at the exact time of your appointment.

No accompanying person except for pregnancy follow-ups.

No children.

Facial mask mandatory.

Hand disinfection.

Respiratory symptoms

In the case of mild to moderate respiratory symptoms (possible coronavirus), you will be asked to stay at home.

In case of fever and severe respiratory symptoms, go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital where a gynaecologist will also examine you if you are pregnant.

Worrying pregnancy symptoms

Outside of your appointments, please call Dr. Delande + 32496108751 or Dr. Préat +32483554860 to plan an additional visit.

Cancellation of appointments

Sign in and see your appointment chart. A cancellation button is in relation to each of your appointments until 24 hours before the latter. Use it so as not to flood different communication channels with messages.

Your health remains our priority.
Let us apply precautionary measures together.